PCL BlueZone

The BlueZone is a Goro family organization established in 2013 to raise funds and awareness to help fight prostate cancer and all of the challenges associated with it. In preparation for their inaugural event in 2013, the BlueZone created a league now known as the Prostate Cancer League, more commonly known as the PCL. Which begs the question – who, or what, is the PCL?

The answer is simple. The PCL is all of you.

It’s a league of extraordinary human beings who have decided that they, too, want to get active in the fight against prostate cancerA group ready to move for the 233,000 men who will be diagnosed this year. A crowd who can’t stand hearing that 1 in 7 men will be diagnosed in their lifetime, and that 1 in 36 men will die. It’s a team of people who are prepared to lace up, wipe on war paint and say, “We want to help.”

Last year, the league came out in a big way for prostate cancer. All sorts of incredible people donated their time, money, energy, or – in some cases – blood, sweat and tears to support the cause. We received donations even from out of state, more sponsorships than we thought possible, and a turnout (even in cold, windy and rainy November) that was nothing less than spectacular.

All told, we raised over $13,000 for last year’s event. 260% of our goal.

So this year, the BlueZone is gearing up to do it again. But better. There’ll be more teams, better fields and bigger venues. We’re already SO READY to strap on our flags, dirty our hands and empty our pockets for another flag football tournament that we can hardly stand it! Of course, just like last year, all proceeds will go to benefit our official 501c3 partners, the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Chicago.

To the Prostate Cancer League of 2013, we thank you for making last year’s event such a wonderful success. To the Prostate Cancer League of 2014, we look forward to ‘Tackling Prostate Cancer’ with you out on the field this September. Now go register your teams!

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